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Urban Fresh Services   Nov 6, 2018   2 min read

5 DIY projects to try at home right now

1. Makeover with Spray Paint

Surely you have something that’s still functional but weathered, worn, or discolored, like a chair. Give it new life with spray paint, around $5 at a hardware store, home improvement store, or even Walmart. No paint brush required – just choose a color, take the chair outside on the grass, shake the can, spray it, and give it a few minutes to dry. In no time flat you’ve made the chair new again without even having to find the paintbrush.



2. Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

If you’ve got a mason jar, a drill, a leftover pump from an old lotion, and five minutes, you can whip up something fancy to place beside your kitchen or bathroom sink. The fun part is being able to see the colored-soap inside the clear jar – that and having guests ooh and aah over your creativity and craftiness. Easy as pie!


3. Clothespin Card Holder

Recently I was looking for a way to hang up vintage recipe cards and letters from loved ones. So I stole some clothespins from my laundry room and a few pieces of 1″x4″ that I found in our garage to assemble this wall hanging. Just because, I added a wood stain that was simply collecting dust. The hardest part was waiting for the stain to dry (about an hour or so) before I could hang this focal point in my front hallway.


4. Reupholster Furniture

Yes, you are capable of reupholstering. This project is especially great if, like me, you have some fabric scraps that you love but don’t know what to do with. Pull them out of the closet, pop the cushion off of an old chair, wrap the fabric around it and secure it with a staple gun, then put it back in place.


Before. Photo courtesy of my friend, Cody Brigham


After! Photo courtesy of my friend, Cody Brigham

5. Tabletop Facelift

You can recreate an old, cheap end table in no time flat. Swing by a home improvement store to grab a few small tiles and tile caulk, and place them as you wish. There’s no rules – you can be as symmetrical or abstract about it as you want. It’s your table, after all!


Gorgeous, right? Photo courtesy of my friend, Cody Brigham.

So there you have it. Five easy DIY Projects you can do right now, with little time, material, and money – or creativity, for that matter. You may even be able to tackle all five today!

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