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When its time to add a new look and feel to your home, you want the assistance of a painting contractor to see that you make the right choices and that the job is done cleanly and correctly. Choosing the palette for your home can be a serious headache, especially if you do not have the experience of a painting contractor and exterior painting professional. Different colors convey different feelings, moods, and are affected by lighting in different ways. If you choose the wrong colors, you could end up with a very oppressive feeling in one room that actually makes it seem smaller and may even result in turning away potential buyers if you are looking to sell. An exterior painting contractor knows how these colors work with one another and the best way to make even a small room feel more lively and open. Eliminate the guesswork by hiring the service of a painting contractor from Urban Fresh Services today.

A professional painter has years of experience providing the Exterior area with the absolute best painting results. When you are ready to see the difference that a painting contractor can make, contact us today for a free consultation.

If you are undergoing a major Exterior remodel or just want to make the color in the kitchen or bathroom pop, there is no reason you should burden yourself with a messy and potentially disastrous DIY project when you can have an Exterior painting professional handle the work for you. An experienced Exterior painting contractor will be able to help you make the right choices in color selection and help you achieve the look and feel that you are aiming for, all while easily remaining within your available budget.

When ready to redo the Exterior of your house, an Exterior painting expert from Urban Fresh Services is up to the task. Your homes exterior goes a long way to determining its resale value and attracting the attention of potential buyers. A poorly painted or worn home is much less likely to move on the market no matter how nice the Exterior looks. If you want to increase your chances of a sale or just boost your curb appeal and resale value, then you need to get the service of a professional house painter today. A house painter will help you achieve the look you want, and see to it that the paint is properly applied to keep your home protected from the elements and potentially harmful organisms. Our house painters understand that there is more to the paint on your home than just the look it achieves, but that your paint job is one of the first defences to protecting the significant investment that is your home.

A professional house painter from Urban Fresh Services Exterior Painting Canton GA, is the best answer for any and all of your exterior painting needs.


Exterior Painting Canton


At Urban Fresh Painting Services, we know how tough it can be to find a commercial painting contractor who you can rely on for professional work.

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The quickest way to up the curb appeal of your home? A fresh coat of stain or paint. At Urban Fresh Painting Services, we specialize in exterior home services that make an impact.

Exterior Painter Canton


Getting your home or business painted, inside and/or out, can be inordinately expensive if you choose the wrong painting contractor. If you’re looking to get a high-quality job.

"The whole team was fantastic. Michael won my confidence by helping to think through color and flow options. Then he selected a team of his employees that would be a good fit for us. We had some pretty tight timelines in which to get work done before moving into our new home, and they executed on the timelines we were left with given all other activities going on. Lastly, they showed the utmost respect for me, my family and our new home. Tremendous team effort. I would recommend them to everyone for any size project."

Jessie Brown

"“We have finally moved in and are so thankful to you all for your service to us. The house looks wonderful and we love the colors! The guys were so personable, professional and respectful to our property! They also helped out beyond their scope and they were so neat & clean afterwards! Thank you again for coming to our aid so quickly."

Jim & Jeanette Fox
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