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Buildings are being built all around the city of Atlanta and the surrounding areas. From commercial space to residential apartment buildings to homes. The amount of construction in Alpharetta is growing on a daily basis. Schools, malls, office space, and homes are popping up out of what seems to be thin air! Along with this construction comes a lot of other things. Ensure the beauty and functionality of the building and its purpose. Call us today for your painting projects.

Cover the Outside to Change the Vibe

First, the building needs to be attractive to the eye. The first step to obtaining this attractiveness is to paint. Whether you purchased property for your business or your family. Do not like the color of the building on the outside at the time of buy. What if you are building a building and are starting from scratch. Throwing a color that correlates with you. The message that you are trying to portray can make a world of a difference. If you have a business selling natural, holistic products, for example. You may want to cover the outside of your establishment in yellow toned color to give off vibes of positivity. If you are building a home, and want a calm, somber atmosphere. You may cover the outside of the home in a neutral or more gray/brown toned colors. It all depends on what feeling you want people to feel when arriving at your destination. Let us be your painting company.

Cover the Inside Walls to Create a Mood

Inside painting is also essential to the mood that you want your building to have. Keep it simple with white and neutral colors, or make a statement. With bright and vibrant color schemes. Make it modern by mixing it up and incorporating many colors. On the walls throughout the building. Keep it rustic with colors with copper undertones. Cater to what you desire for your clients, family members. Other people who may stop by, to feel and think about your establishment. If you live in Alpharetta GA call us today for a free quote.

Construction in Alpharetta is happening every day. You must have everything in order when embarking on one of these projects. The most important being an idea of what you want visitors to feel and take away from the look of the place. Painting is step number one to achieving the aesthetic look for your building. Create your perfect mood today! Is it interior painting your looking for we are the ones to call.

A fresh coat of paint on your house’s walls or ceiling can help to liven up a home. Yet, a paint job is nothing to be rushed into. A successful paint job requires careful planning. With consideration to make sure it comes out as you imagined with no problems. See how you can make your painting in Alpharetta go off with these three handy tips.

Try Color Shades

Even if you’ve settled on a color for your wall, paint colors can still come in many shades. From light, dark and variations between. It’s important to not only choose a color but the shade as well. For example, you might find you want a blue wall but didn’t want one painted dark blue. That’s why it’s better to look at shade samples first. Even if you have to buy some samples. The investment is much better than painting your whole wall. You might find it doesn’t match your expectations. With samples in hand, you can place them against your furniture. This way you make comparisons to find the right shade. We are North Georgia painting contractors.

Check Out Paint Substance

Even if you’ve chosen the right shade of paint, you’re far from finished. Paints not only come in many colors, but they also offer textures and finishes. Additionally, paints have different substances mixed in for different qualities. These substances include water, latex, and oil. They are chosen for different surfaces and environments. Latex, for example, is used for indoor painting. Oil paints are chosen for wooden surfaces. Since the sheer number of paint varieties can be intimidating. Best to consult experts at painting in Alpharetta for advice on what paint should be chosen for the job.

Allow for Drying Time

If you’re applying many coats, allow a coat twenty-four hours to dry before painting the next coat. Also, don’t rush back into your room even with the paint job complete and the trash cleaned out. Wait for one to two days to let the paint dry. Even if the paint doesn’t feel sticky. You should leave enough time to let the paint adhere to the wall to make it as firm and strong as possible. That should give you enough time before returning furniture. Wait to return wall fittings to the room.

There’s a lot to a successful painting job. You don’t have to shoulder the burden of completing your home Painters Alpharetta yourself. Talk to professionals about your concerns. Following common sense tips will help end problems that can get from your paint job.


What We Provide
Commercial Painting


Commercial property managers and owners have relied on Urban Fresh Painting Services expertise for many years to deliver quality workmanship at a competitive price. Urban Fresh Painting Services hasn't made it in the industry this long by cutting corners or not living up to our promises - our company prides itself on it's integrity and devotion to every client on every job

Exterior Painting


The Urban Fresh Painting team understands how important preparation is to ensure the final paint job is the highest quality possible, and we follow essential steps to prepare all surfaces before a single paintbrush touches them. Once all surfaces have been prepared, the painting can begin. We dont cut corners, we take the time to do the job right the first time around.

Interior Painting


Our interior painting is of the same professional quality as our exterior. We make every effort to return items we have moved back to their original place. Along with our excellent interior painting we do a beautiful hand texture on ceilings and walls. It can go over most wallpaper and provide a subtle pattern that can be painted again and again. Call Today for a Free Quote.

"The whole team was fantastic. Michael won my confidence by helping to think through color and flow options. Then he selected a team of his employees that would be a good fit for us. We had some pretty tight timelines in which to get work done before moving into our new home, and they executed on the timelines we were left with given all other activities going on. Lastly, they showed the utmost respect for me, my family and our new home. Tremendous team effort. I would recommend them to everyone for any size project."

Jessie Brown
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